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Construction has Begun on 2nd Floor!

It’s happened! The Lewiston Library Foundation is pleased to announce that the Lewiston City Council has approved funding to begin construction of the 2nd Floor of the library. This funding covers the basic construction costs, but there are many more expenses. Your financial help is needed now to make this a reality. Construction has already begun to add the 13,000 sq ft.

This new space will allow for expansion of technology, including a dedicated computer lab. On any given day, the library sees over 150 community members utilizing free public computers or Wi-Fi.

Teens will be moving into much more spacious digs! The Teen Center will be tripling in size and offer more people- capacity as well as better separation between tasks such as studying and group work, reading and the tricked out and fun media-entertainment area.

One of the most dynamic new spaces follows the nation’s “Maker” Movement. The new “Maker Space” is targeted for adults and older teens and plans include everything from Electronics- such as robotics, Textiles- like sewing machines and knitting, and Technology- including a 3-D Printer. The Maker Space will bring into the library a hip, cool, industrial feeling vibe popular with Millennials, a future-focused demographic the library is very interested in appealing to and in continuing to draw into the library.

Of course, more space means more room for Collections – Books, Local History, Audio Materials, DVDs etc.

Topping the list of the community’s most requested item—is more community gathering and meeting spaces. The City Library will offer a large meeting room that can accommodate over 250 people as well as flexible, smaller spaces such as a Board and Conference Rooms.

A spectacular Roof Garden is proposed and will be 100% privately funded. The garden will offer an impressive vista of the Lewiston Hill and provide a tranquil green space to enjoy a good book, hold receptions, etc.

The Library is open to the public and programs are always free. The Lewiston Library far exceeds state and local averages for cardholders. Proudly, 78% of Lewiston residents carry and use their library cards!

Your financial support is needed now. Be able to tell your children and grandchildren that you helped make all this possible.

Please make a contribution of any size today.

Lewiston Library Foundation  |  P.O. Box 1055  |  Lewiston, ID 83501  |  208.743.6519

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