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A Long Journey


In 1977, our current Lewiston City library moved into its temporary space on Thain Road. Fast forward through years of searches for a permanent space and massive collaboration between individuals, businesses and city officials and we land at November 2012 – just months away from opening the doors of our new library.

Lewiston Library Children's Nook

Our community rallied together – nearly 900 individual and business donors – hundreds more have given their time and talents.  You put your community first – made sacrifices in your own budget – and we thank you for that support. Now we ask that you consider helping again to ensure that our community will be stronger for future generations.


Our library is funded through its first floor renovation – we need your help to finish the job. Important pieces like a large meeting room, study, reference, genealogy and special collection areas are drawn for the second floor – we are committed to seeing this project through to completion.


Whether you are a previous donor or are considering a first time donation, we invite you to take action in the following ways:


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Thank you for your willingness and commitment – your donations are bringing a building to life!

Lewiston Library Foundation  |  P.O. Box 1055  |  Lewiston, ID 83501  |  208.743.6519

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