Springtime in Paris: Trip Review by Scott Funk

In Pairs, France

In Paris.

Winning the Lewiston Library Foundation’s Springtime in Paris trip was a genuine blessing for my family. This past summer my wife and sons (Mary Ann, Henry and Sam) and I were able to spend three weeks in Europe. With the help of AAA Travel of

In Normandy

Lewiston, lots of Rick Steve’s books, and all of my historic lust, a fun and fact-filled trip ensued. Our trip took us first to Great Britain where we saw the sites of London, Salisbury, and Stonehenge. A quick train ride through the Chunnel (designed by a University of Idaho graduate) took us to France for visits to Paris, Versailles and the beaches of Normandy. We highly recommend the latter. It is a most impressive and sobering site. Then it was off to Germany and time with family who live in the Rhine Valley region. We visited castles, took a cruise on the Rhine River, and managed to sample some of the famous German brew! We were also able to work in an excursion to Amsterdam, Netherlands (the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, etc.). Next on our tour was a trip to Munich, Germany (yes, home of the Hofbrauhaus!). We also took a day trip to Dachau to see one of the infamous Nazi concentration camps.

In Germany

How profound an experience to have our sons discover so much new culture, history, art, modes of transportation and the progressive European green living. This trip was summer school at its finest. Again, we were very blessed to win this trip.

The experience and winning continues to feed my history lessons at Lewiston High School, but most importantly, it has become a treasured memory of a special time for our family. Please support the Lewiston Library Foundation and buy a ticket for the next drawing in 2011. Incidentally, it goes without saying that if any future winners would like a tour guide, I’m available!

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